Arredamento Interni Veneto

is the Greatest consortium of Italian furniture companies that together allow you to have a dedicated consulting services and more flexible than other channels. The offer is extended to individuals who want to buy furniture at the factory of interest to them and have access to the lowest prices of the market. We work all over Italy and abroad we export the best of Italian manufacturing. Italian design sofas, Kitchens, Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Beds, Wardrobes, Tables and Chairs.

To date, our clients, families and friends have saved:

Saving on Kitchens 34
Saving on Living Rooms 40
Saving on Sofas 55
Saving on BedRooms 60

Customer Testimonials

“I have purchased from you my Sofa and Living Rooms. If I had known before the outlet of your dreams I would have saved a lot of effort and time. I have already recommended it to all and tell all my friends that are looking to italian furnish AIV really convenient. Obviously I’m filling out your voucher for my future purchases, I wonder that we have you something for free. Thank you very much”
Moyra, New Zeland
“I purchased from your site my wonderfull kitchen. I chose yours for the lowest price and also for his kindness and trust that you have inspired me right away.  I will recommend to friends. Best regards”
Benny, England
“Exceptional transport safe and fast. My living room is arrived on time. Paid little and edited by professionals. The leather sofa is gorgeous. I saved and I have a quality almost impossible to find in my country.”
Carlos, Spain
“I write with pleasure my testimony about offering to buy at low cost my Italian furnishings. Once you understand the opportunity I simply handed the voucher to acquaintances and in a short time has earned a nest egg. Kitchen mega angle of 3 by 2 meters paid € 375. I congratulate you for this very interesting opportunity. I will continue to advise you. Thanks to you I got and I’m getting thanks to everyone for the advice given. Thanks”
Noelia, France
“I’m Ektor from German. I got here a crystal table and faux leather chairs. I chose from the catalogs and trusting the advice of decorator, the factory was amazed because the table and the chairs were even more beautiful than the photo! I’m glad the bargain purchase! (Great value for money) Now in fact I’m taking the new room and I can not wait to arrive.”
Ektor, German
“I am Maria from Moscow (Russia), my husband and I were looking for a table and five chairs for the living room to change those now ruined and here we found what we were looking for. After searching the internet I found Aiv Italian furniture companies that export in Russia. Perfect and paid little.”
Maria, Moscow
“I took my furniture from AIV because I guaranteed a wide range of high quality Italian. Unique and hard to find at a good price.”
Lysa, Holland
“Glass tables and chairs so beautiful I could only find them from you. Thank you.”
Luis, Malta

Furnishings AIV

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About Us AIV

The Foundation :

Furniture Interior Veneto has its heart in Padua : Leaders in the landscape throughout the Veneto Furnishing has the objective to offer a different service to satisfy even the most demanding customer . We are present in all the provinces of the Veneto and personnel performing the work for passion. Our channels allow purchases at prices that are not afraid of competition.

The Offer and Furniture Complements proposal, it is for those customers who want a refined , quality and the assurance of a technical staff that follows the work until the end. We have selected only Factories specidiche with certifications that can demonstrate that they have gained experience and are leaders in their specific field. The supplements are purchased by AIV top range and can be purchased at the factory . Only through us.

The Consortium AIV want to stand for the care of the customer , for products of exceptional quality and for the price Reserved . Our designer is available to resolve and propose ideas furniture , guide you and suggest the best solutions . The Assembly is performed only by skilled technicians hired directly from the factory and they know every detail of the product. Now buy the factory is really possible thanks to Interior Furniture Veneto.
Veneto is one of the few Italian regions where production is concentrated in the study of the best pieces of furniture . Furniture Interior Veneto is a group selected: only factories that have been proven over time to produce high-quality components that will last and certified that want to streamline their sales process, giving the opportunity to buy directly from the factory .
The panorama of accessories offered is vast . From AIV lowest prices you can find market solutions for:
  • sofas
  • kitchens
  • Baby Room
  • Double Rooms
  • Bedroom
  • Living rooms and lounges
  • Tables, Chairs
  • Cabinets and Furniture
Enough with the problems and damage during transport or misunderstandings . The expert designer dedicated not count the times that comes to visit you but appreciate your satisfaction . Your satisfaction is our satisfaction . Discover Dedicated services alone Furniture Interior Veneto. The Trade Agreements undertaken with the best companies in the North East allow us to have no rivals in terms of prices . We do not fear comparisons. Put us to the test. Only from Furniture Interior Veneto have more Low Price Guarantee . (* our products are also in the best furniture stores at full price ) Vivi L ‘ Experience of furniture in a simple way , let us take you by the professionalism and expertise of experts and designers. Furnish is a serious thing ! In a single point and a dedicated advisor , avoid the rigmarole unnerving that you would expect in any furniture store and save valuable time.
are present all over the Veneto. We can also support specific requests from all over the Italian territory such as the sale of sofas . In addition, the AIV is in reality strong TransFlash expansion and exports made ​​in Italy all over the world that more and more countries require . AIV is honored to act as a spokesperson and be in the world of Italian quality .